#6  Hoosier Hill, Indiana (1,257 ft.)

For my fortieth birthday we visited old friends in Cincinnati. Naturally, I took advantage of the occasion to visit the highpoints of Ohio and Indiana, both of which are relatively nearby. We also hurled some pumpkins into a field with a medieval siege weapon, ate piles of Skyline chili, and ascended into sausage heaven when we went Over the Rhine. Anway, back to Indiana.

Hoosier Hill is little more than a gentle swelling astride some cornfields. And it is barely in Indiana: a strong westerly breeze would easily blow it into Ohio. On the day we visited, in fact, a classic Midwestern storm was brewing, which made for the moody sky and  landscape expertly photographed by Christina using her chunky medium-format camera. The actual pictures of the highpoint were taken with my crappy little iPhone 3G, long since replaced. Note the family in the edges of some of the pictures. The father and children were enthusiastic highpointers, but the wife, if I remember correctly, stayed in the RV. 

Little more than a clearing in the woods, the summit area boasts a mailbox and logbook  constructed in large part by Eagle Scout Kyle Cummings in 2005. You have to admire the bespoke masonry work on the mailbox, which for our visit was on the ground, not atop the post that denotes the physical highpoint. More recently some concerned citizens erected a more robust summit marker in the form of a professionally carved boulder. Indiana can now rest secure in the comeliness of its  alpine district.

I noticed on the drive back to Porkopolis that the section of Ohio we were cruising through was part of John Boehner's Congressional district. Lots of signs duly pledged fealty to the weepy master of the House. Strange how one man representing not so much as a run of heffer lots can wield such a baleful influence over an entire nation.

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